The County Clerk of Court Office has collected child support funds that are currently unclaimed.

There are two types of funds: "Payments" and "Overpayments"

  • Payments are unclaimed funds owed to custodial parents.
  • Overpayments are refunds owed to non-custodial parents. Listed below are recipients who should contact our office to collect their funds.

Learn how to collect.

To collect

Local Residents: Please bring a photo ID to the office of the Clerk of Court, Support Desk located at:
315 S. Second St.
Elkhart, IN 46516

Out-of-State Residents: Please submit your request in writing to the above address with copies of two forms of proper identification:

  • Picture ID
  • Utility bill or other bill with your correct name and address

For more information

Please call (574) 523-2200 or visit State Unclaimed Funds


Unclaimed Child Support

Unclaimed child support for Elkhart County, IN
Last Name First Name Birth Year Last Known Location Type Date Posted
Army Leanna 1973 Elkhart, IN Payment 05/12/2011
Gilley Kimberly 1973 Elkhart, IN Payment 10/07/2005
Haas Stacy 1969 Three Rivers, MI Payment 04/27/2012
Hetler Kammi 1965 Goshen, IN Payment 09/26/2005
Iavagnilio Beth 1961 Springfield, OH Overpayment 05/12/2011
James Fanny 1967 Elkhart, IN Payment 07/09/2003
Johnson Beverly 1973 Lansing, MI Payment 07/22/2003
Jones Stephanie 1982 Elkhart, IN Payment 05/08/2006
Love Christine 1960 Milwaukee, WI Payment 05/12/2011
Mann Tamyla 1959 Mishawaka, IN Overpayment 07/03/2006
McQueary Vandiver Kimberly 1967 Elkhart, IN Payment 04/27/2012
Dixon Lucille 1959 South Bend, IN Payment 08/08/2003
Diaz Michelle 1968 Goshen, IN Payment 10/24/2005
Baker William 1974 Elkhart, IN Payment 05/12/2011
Barnett Maxine Elkhart, IN Payment 05/12/2011