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Congressman Donnelly Announces Funding for Two Elkhart-Area ProjectsWashington, D.C.—Today, Congressman Joe Donnelly announced that the City of Elkhart will receive $700,000 for the Prairie Street Grade Separation project and the Prosecuting Attorney’s Office of Elkhart County will receive $250,000 for Elkhart Criminal Intelligence and Interdiction Initiatives. This funding was included in the Consolidated Appropriations Act of 2010, which was signed into law on Wednesday evening.  The $700,000 for the Prairie Street Grade Separation will go toward the construction of a new railroad overpass on Prairie Street for the existing at-grade crossing with the Norfolk-Southern Railroad tracks in Elkhart. The project will widen Prairie Street to a four-lane roadway from Main Street to Division Street and will include associated infrastructure improvements. As a result of the new construction, barriers to local traffic, emergency response vehicles, and local commerce will be eliminated. The project will also reduce a number of economic costs, including lost wages, wasted fuel, and additional air pollution created by the existing railroad crossing. The $250,000 for Criminal Intelligence and Interdiction Initiatives will allow Elkhart County to proactively combat organized crime and illegal narcotics, especially by addressing the growing problem of methamphetamine production and distribution in Elkhart County. This will enhance public safety and provide a safer living environment.  Â“The funding for the Prairie Street Grade Separation and the Elkhart Criminal Intelligence and Interdiction Initiatives will help to improve the local community, while also creating jobs,” said Donnelly. “During these difficult economic times, funding to help keep our community safe and improve infrastructure is essential.”  Â“The City of Elkhart appreciates the Congressman’s efforts to provide funding that will help us get over our very busy rail system, create jobs, reduce pollution and begin the silencing of train whistles on our main line.  We thank Congressman Donnelly for his efforts in making our City safer and enhancing the local transportation system,” said Elkhart Mayor Dick Moore. "The Elkhart County Prosecuting Attorney's Office is actively and aggressively engaged in battling organized criminals and dope peddlers. The funding announced by Congressman Donnelly today will be placed into immediate action upon our receipt and will strengthen our county wide initiatives," said Elkhart County Prosecuting Attorney Curtis T. Hill, Jr.