Victims of violent crime or their dependents may be eligible to receive reimbursement for losses associated with violent crime, which is defined as a felony or Class A misdemeanor that results in bodily injury or death to the victim. Compensation may cover medical, dental, prescription drugs, funeral expenses, lost wages and outpatient mental health counseling.

To apply or to find more information, visit the Indiana Criminal Justice Institute website for detailed eligibility and application information regarding the Violent Crimes Compensation Fund.

Victim Assistance Services is able to help you gather the necessary forms and documents and can assist you in submitting your claim.

Generally Who Qualifies:

  • Innocent victims of a violent crime or accident, including a crash caused by a drunk driver
  • A parent, surviving spouse, dependent child or other legal dependent of an innocent victim killed as a result of a violent crime or a crash caused by a drunk driver
  • A person injured or killed while trying to prevent a violent crime or while aiding a law enforcement officer
  • Immediate family members of a murder victim or sex crime victim who need mental health counseling