When a felony crime has been charged and filed, a victim will get an impact statement from our office to complete and return. There is a section asking for your name and address that is to be returned to Victim Assistance Services as well. This will allow our office to notify you of all court dates that you can attend. The impact statement allows the prosecuting attorney, probation, and the judge to know what impact the crime has had on you and/or your family. It is important to keep Victim Assistance Services notified should you have a change of address. Many times, by the time a case comes to trial, the victim has moved, and we are unable to locate him/her.


Automated Offender Release Notification

There are two automated services in Indiana that allow you to track the custody status of offenders who are or have been incarcerated. By registering with either of these programs, you can be notified by phone and/or e-mail if the custody status of the offender changes. For offenders held locally at the Elkhart County Corrections Complex, you may register at the time of arrest by utilizing the Vinelink Program. Offenders who have been sentenced to the Indiana Department of Correction can be tracked utilizing the Indiana Savin Program. For assistance with either of these program registrations, please contact our Victim Assistance Services staff at (574) 523-2237.