The Criminal Justice Citizens Academy provides participants with an overview of the criminal justice process and identifies the roles and challenges of law enforcement, the prosecuting attorney and the judiciary. While such prime-time television shows as “Law & Order” capture ratings and audiences, they fail to show the day-to-day work of prosecuting attorneys. The academy gives participants a behind-the-scenes look at the inner workings of the Office of the Prosecuting Attorney for Elkhart County as it interacts with the criminal justice system and the residents of Elkhart County. Topics include:

  • Criminal trial and courtroom procedures
  • Investigations/drug crimes
  • Pre-trial diversion
  • Victim assistance
  • Child support
  • Juvenile crimes

The academy takes place in mid-fall, with classes meeting one evening a week for eight weeks. Actual dates are to be determined. Classes will meet evenings from 6:30 p.m. to 8:30 p.m. at TBD with trips to other locations around Elkhart County. The application period for the Citizens Academy is currently open.

To print an application, click: Citizens Academy Application

To submit an application online, complete the following:

* Required information

Who nominated you to attend the academy?
Of what organization is the nominator a member?
Please provide full name (including middle initial)
Please tell us about your educational background, including the highest level of education you completed.
Please include any present or past membership on city or county committees, commissions or boards, or participation in the activities of community groups or organizations.
Please include what you would like to learn from the academy, as well as what you would like to share with the community.
(Include all misdemeanors and felonies. You do not have to include infractions, i.e., traffic tickets.)
I understand that a criminal background check will be conducted by the Elkhart County Prosecutor's Office as part of the application process. I hereby authorize any law enforcement agency to release to the Elkhart County Prosecuting Attorney’s Office any and all information, which said agencies have about me, for the limited purpose of aiding the Elkhart County Prosecutor's Office in evaluating my eligibility for participation in the Citizens Academy. This authorization extends to any information that said agencies or any of them may have about me, whether public, personal or confidential. I understand that I will not receive and am not entitled to know the contents of confidential reports received from these agencies. I hereby release, discharge and agree to hold harmless the agencies, their agents and any person furnishing information from any and all liability arising out of furnishing and inspecting such documents and information.