BMV – Bureau of Motor Vehicles (for Indiana)

Deferral Intake Form – The information sheet that persons must complete in order to be considered for the Deferral Program

Deputy Prosecuting Attorney – The attorney with the Prosecutor''s Office who prosecutes traffic tickets and who will process any violations of deferral agreements

Infraction Deferral Agreement – The formal agreement that persons have with the Office of the Prosecuting Attorney that outlines the terms and conditions of the deferral of a traffic ticket

Infraction Deferral Coordinator – The contact person at the Prosecutor’s Office who manages the Deferral Program

Perjury – To give false or misleading information under oath

Proof of Financial Responsibility – Certain types of violations require persons to provide the Prosecutor's Office with proof of current auto insurance coverage

Proof of a Valid Driver’s License – Certain types of violations require persons to obtain a current driver’s license; this may require them to contact the Indiana Bureau of Motor Vehicles and take care of any past issues or problems with their driving status

Traffic Deferral – To postpone the reporting of traffic convictions to the Indiana Bureau of Motor Vehicles