Prosecutor staff member receives award
Announcement Date: 

On February 1, 2005, at the Annual Service Award Program, Elkhart County Council and Commissioners presented Amy Bechtel, Programs and Communications Director for the Elkhart County Prosecutor's Office with the annual "Elkhart County Commitment to Service Award."  Prosecuting Attorney Curtis T. Hill, Jr., said in his nomination letter, "Taking advantage of Amy's multifaceted talents, we have expanded her role beyond that of Victim Assistance Director to include oversight of programs and communication efforts on behalf of the Prosecuting Attorney."  Amy spearheaded the planning and implementation of the State's most advanced interactive website for Prosecuting Attorney Services."  Hill added, "Additionally, Amy has supervised and managed the development of the Pre-Trial Diversion Programs including misdemeanor pre-trial diversion, bad check diversion, and infraction deferral."  All of these provide alternatives to court proceedings and are user-fee based.  Amy has held several Victim Assistance positions since beginning her career with Elkhart County in 1986.