On February 14, 2014 Mitchell Frantz a six person jury found Mitchell Frantz guilty of Battery and Bodily Injury (A Misdemeanor) after injuring his elderly neighbor. On January 26, 2013 an elderly citizen of Elkhart County believed she heard a domestic violence occurring in a next-door apartment. When the concerned neighbor went next door to help out a potential victim in need, she became a victim herself.

The defendant, upon hearing his elderly neighbor complain about the noises coming from the apartment, pushed the neighbor off of his front porch, shattering her elbow and causing momentary unconsciousness. While the Mr. Frantz wife testified on his behalf, she was later confronted with her 911 call from the time of the incident which conflicted with her earlier testimony. This trial was handled by Deputy Prosecutor Peter Soldato with assistance from Deputy Prosecutor Michelle Weeks in Elkhart Superior Court 5 before the Honorable Judge Charles Wicks.